Postcards make great mementos!

You've come to the right page if you are here to see my inspirational travel postcards and to download copies for yourself.

Hospital Sant Pau in Barcelona - a must see if you ask me!
I have some fun adding inspirational quotes to photos I've taken during our travels in locations throughout the world.  I like to use them in my presentations and audience members often ask if I have copies or if they can see the quote again for the exact wording. So here they are for you in digital format!

A captivating reflection at the Alhambra, Granada, Spain
I often carry a few of these postcards with me on the cruise ships and hopefully I'll have a chance to give one to you in person someday.  If you've attended one or more of my lectures, I would appreciate your feedback... you can email me directly: gsranko at or use the email link over to the right -->> If you have any comments on this blog, they would also be appreciated.  Please indicate if I can use your comments in my promo material.

Please help yourself to these postcards -- you can save them directly from this page by clicking on the image, then "right-clicking" on the enlarged version, and then selecting "Save Image as" to save a copy to your own computer or tablet.

Hoatzins – aka Stinkbird - don’t have a particularly pleasant odor
due to the fermenting processes that take place in their crops.

I will be adding more postcards on a regular basis, so please check back now and then!!

Happy travels! May your discoveries enrich your life and the lives of those around you!

Cheerio, George