Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Gannets Dive Bombing

One of the most amazing sights is Gannets dive bombing a school of bait fish.  This is a regular occurrence during the feeding frenzy of seabirds, sharks, dolphins and whales in the annual Sardine Run off the east coast of Africa. 

In an upcoming lecture on board the ms Amsterdam, I will be showing a short clip of the gannets courtesy of the kind folks at Earth Touch, based out of Durban, South Africa.  Check this out - amazing!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Seychelles to South Africa

I'm currently researching lectures for an upcoming segment of Holland America's Grand World Cruise.  Jan and I will be joining the ms Amsterdam in the Seychelles on March 28, visiting Madagascar and several ports along the east coast of Africa, before disembarking in Cape Town on April 7.  These places abound with amazing creatures and wildlife -- a dream trip for naturalists!!

We're looking forward to seeing friends we've met on previous cruises.

Lecture Series - Madagascar to Africa

In the weeks ahead I will be posting about some exciting and interesting topics to be covered in my lecture series:

Unique Wildlife of Madagascar
From Lemurs to fascinating Geckos and Chameleons, Madagascar is home to some of the most unique creatures on the planet and some of the highest biodiversity, with about 150,000 species that exist nowhere else.
Madagascar: Escape from Africa! 
How can islands float…?  Madagascar continues to drift away from the African continent … where did it come from and where is it headed…? 
Mighty Ocean Currents and Feeding Frenzies
We’re sailing near one of the most powerful ocean currents in the world, the Agulhas Current.  Learn how these rich waters produce one of the greatest feeding frenzies on earth!
In the Realm of the Great White Shark
This coast is home to one of the greatest carnivores on the planet.  Discover some fascinating insights into the life of these top predators and the ecosystems they help create and maintain! 
Apex Predators of Africa
Discover the fascinating role of the largest carnivores in Africa… and their valuable ecological roles in “top-down” structuring of the ecosystem.  Without Lions… would their prey survive?