Friday, December 16, 2016

Athens Kaisariani Monastery

On our recent trip to the Mediterranean, one of our favourite spots was the Kaisariani Monastery in the hills and forests above Athens.  The original Monastery dates back to the 11-12th century.  In addition to the historical features, this area provides nature in abundance...with a great variety of walks through the pine forests and olive groves... filled with woodsy scents and singing birds.

I enjoy taking photospheres and posting them on Google Maps.  Now...with the latest iteration of my video editing software, I'm able to "fly" around inside my photospheres!!  I'll show you what I mean -take a look at my video of the Monastery of Kaisariani (also spelled Kessariani).

For more info see Info from the Greek Ministry of Culture and Sports

Also see the Monastery of Kaisariani (Wikipedia)