Sunday, October 20, 2013

Maasdam Lectures Nov 15 - Dec 6

Preparing for my next exciting lecture series on board the ms Maasdam from Civitavecchia to Fort Lauderdale, Nov 15 - Dec 6, 2013.  Lots of really interesting updates on the latest research concerning everything from the status of the endangered Blue Fin Tuna (see an excellent update by PEW) and octopus that are smarter than your average dog... to the mysteries of the coral reef.  Here's a list of my upcoming lectures for this cruise:

Dangerous Volcanoes & Ancient Time Capsules
We've sailed past some of the most dangerous volcanoes in the world.  Learn about the secrets of long-buried civilizations, including the oldest computer -- built 2,000 years BG (before Gates)!
Wealth from the Mediterranean
Wealth comes in many forms…   but empires built on smelly fish intestines, colorful dyes, and stunning sea creatures… Come on… what next…?
Who Owns the Sea… and the Fish Below?
What's the connection between bustling ecosystems, boatloads of tourists, and plentiful fish??   Who owns all the Fish in the sea...?  Who makes the rules out here anyway!!?
Ocean Currents & Your Skyrocketing Insurance!!
 What's up with shrinking icecaps, rising seas, storm surge, extreme weather events and changing ocean currents?!  And what are the costs and impacts…?
We are not the only Smart Suckers on the Planet
 Discover creatures without bones that are as smart as your average dog!  Just muscles, guts & Big Brains!  (OK - don't forget thousands of razor-sharp claws)
Stinging Balls of Slime (and other tasty Treats!)
Meet some creatures that are truly spineless and heartless… and a great source of protein.  Jelly sandwich, anyone...? 
Some of the Biggest and Ugliest Creatures You'll Never Meet
Huge reptiles from the age of the dinosaurs and sharks the size of whales… in the Atlantic ocean?  Could truth be stranger than fiction!?
Cavorting with the Big Ones
Learn about the true giants of the Atlantic.  One species is the loudest creature on the planet… and another can go two hours without taking a breath!  (Sound like someone in your family?)
Romance and Mystery on the Coral Reef
Coral reefs provide some of the richest ecosystems on earth.  Are corals animal or vegetable?  Discover some of the magic and mystery of life among the polyps.
Best Fishes from George, <))))><