Saturday, April 6, 2019

South African ports and Canary Islands: Viking World Cruise

In a few days I will be presenting my upcoming Lecture series on board the Viking Sun. We will join the ship in Durban, South Africa and sail around the Cape of Good Hope, visiting East London, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town.  From there we will sail along the West coast of Africa and Europe to London, England.  This will be the last leg of Viking's World Cruise.

I will be showing a couple of short Google Earth fly-overs that I've prepared for my presentations - here's a sneak preview!

The first one is a short intro to the South African ports from Durban to Cape Town.

The second video is a short fly-over of the beautiful island of Tenerife in the Canary Islands.  Some of the roads are simply amazing as they traverse the rugged terrain and explore the stunning scenery shown in this video.  Well worth a visit if you get a chance!

Thanks for visiting!  Happy travels... with just the right amount of adventure!!
Cheers, George

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Presentation on Polar Vortex & Changing Climate

Here's a short excerpt from one of my recent presentations on board the Zaandam while cruising off the coast of Chile.  The aim here is to provide some context for understanding how ocean currents interact with atmospheric circulation to breed hurricanes and how the melting of arctic ice has influenced the polar jet stream and changed climate patterns around the world.

This is an experiment to see how effective it might be to use my 360 camera (Insta360 One X) for recording presentations.  Both the image quality and the sound could be much better; I'm still experimenting with tweaking the settings for low light conditions.  One problem is the extreme contrast between the screen and the background... very hard to compensate for this.  As far as the sound goes, I think the solution is to record the audio separately and then sync the audio with video in post-production.  A second camera from the audience's perspective will also give me some better versatility.

The 360 camera offers interesting possibilities because it is like having a camera crew with you.  Since it records in 360 I can select the point of view during editing - which gives me all sorts of camera angles to choose from.  In this video you can see that at times I focus on myself as the presenter and then pan the POV to show the audience.  When I have more time I will add more powerpoint images - as I did with the water skier losing his shorts in the video above.

Right now I'm preparing for my next lecture series on board the Viking Sun from Durban South Africa to London England.

Thanks for dropping by!  Happy travels!

Cheers, George