Monday, June 3, 2019

Fadiouth - the Shell Village of Senegal

While visiting Senegal on the Viking Sun, we enjoyed a very interesting shore excursion to Joal-Fadiouth, known as the Shell Village.  Here's my 360 video of the fascinating local cemetery on its own separate island.  (Don't forget you can spin this with your mouse as it plays!)

Fadiouth is only accessible by boat or pedestrian bridge.  The entire island is built up of billions of shells that have accumulated over generations of harvesting. Shells are a part of everything in the town and are incorporated seamlessly into the architecture as well.  The shell-covered island and its town are well-known to tour operators and present a major tourist draw.  

I found the second shell island, connected to Fadiouth via another wooden bridge, even more fascinating!  The cemetery island also consists mainly of sea shells; but it provides an even more interesting and unique dimension.   In a country with an overwhelming majority of Muslims, the inhabitants of Fadiouth are 90% Christian.  On this island, Muslims and Christians are buried near one another, a rare occurrence in today's world. 

Location of Fadiouth
 14°09'06.9"N 16°49'24.6"W
 14.151911, -16.823485

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