Audience Endorsements

Your extensive knowledge and superb presentation has stimulated our veracious appetite for more knowledge.  Furthermore I make a point not to miss your lectures. 
CR - Amsterdam 2018 World Cruise

Your lectures are so interesting and informative and delivered in such a way that is easy for me to absorb.  Definitely you have a gift of seeing things differently from most people and present them so easily and humorously, it is a pleasure to listen to you.  Thank you very much. 
MM - Amsterdam 2018 World Cruise 

Firstly I must say how much we enjoyed your talks on the Noordam.
They are the best we have ever seen .  Your expert knowledge, your obvious enjoyment on the subjects & also you subtle humour had us wanting more. 
C - Australia

We loved your presentation technique.  You have kept us engaged.  You are serious, but don't take yourself seriously!  Great sense of Humor - always make me yearn for more!! 
JS - Noordam

Your research has provided me with endless examples of some of the most informative kinds of fascinating nature.  I love the tool-making crow.  Ingenious.  Great listening to you. Thanks. 
I - Noordam

Your lecture presentations have been entertaining, informative and inspirational!  Your series on the creatures of the deep was very interesting and informative.  I would be most interested in any more info regarding Volcanoes as we approach the Hawaiian Islands.  I would be most interested in a schedule of your future lectures, following this cruise. 
LM - Victoria

The Marine Protected Areas which extend as much as twice the size of France helps me understand the "size" of the sea that one is dealing with.  It is so good to know that steps are being taken to protect such vital areas for our survival.  Way to go, love your presentations, well done, many more good lectures from you. 
 J - Noordam

"Traveling leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller."  I would love to have a postcard that you have composed to give my stories even more substance.  With thanks for adding/enhancing my time on the cruise.  Congratulations on your undertaking.  
 R - Noordam

Your talks are great! 
D&E - Noordam

Loved your talk on the Jellyfish! 
H- Noordam

Thank you so much for your wonderful presentations.  My husband and I have enjoyed the thoroughly.  Not only have your lectures been interesting, they are enlightening.   
R&A - Noordam

The quality and our enjoyment of the science lecturers far exceeds the quality of some of the showcase entertainment.  We give the science lecturers 10 stars.  Both speakers - George Sranko and Stuart Sutherland - were excellent and very knowledgeable.  10 stars & more. 
Sincerely Rm 2544

George Sranko's presentations are informative, entertaining, and downright funny.
Professor Sranko's knowledge, creativity and fun put his powerpoints in a class by themselves. 
S &J, Florida, USA

George - thank you for your very interesting lectures.  They are well put together and executed with the right balance of education and entertainment. 
A &S, Victoria, BC, Canada

George - Very informative & delivered without the "Professor knows more than the audience."
Thanks, Rm 6146

Your photos and informative presentations interwoven with humor have been delightful.  Thank you!!
CD, Rochester, MN, USA

George - thoroughly enjoying the lectures, thank you... Very informative
B & R, BC, Canada

"We both attended a lecture by George Sranko, one of the Exploration Speakers, on “Apex Predators of Africa.” Mr. Sranko is an excellent speaker, and we always learn something when he describes some of his academic research."
J & G, 2013 World Cruise